The satellites were those that would hunt down Saturn, but were found out by him and as punishment the king ensnared the hunters into orbits at distances according to the point each hunter had reached in their approach to the king.  Saturn decreed that these orbits not be circular but elliptical, so sentencing the hunters to an eternal re-enactment  of their failed hunt.  But Saturn in his benevolence also decreed that each of the respective orbits of the hunters not be everlasting, but that they should gradually disintegrate, so that at the end of time, his own death would eventually come.  Ignorant of this final reprieve, the hunters in their respective solitudes underwent countless approaches towards the king, their orbits at times bringing them close enough as to be almost able to slay him, only then to be taken back again to the farthest distance from their target.  On the surface of these satellites was it any wonder that their oceans froze or volcanoes raged or their atmosphere escaped ?  These were the states of the hunters, unaware that one day, they would be brought close enough to slay the one they once followed and with this killing be engulfed in the fires of the dead king.