ripeness the reward

of patience

the weight of duty

measured by the hours

attendant on that bench

head hung

shoulders hunched

back bent

cycles of deep quiet

parse into him

he contemplates totality

the rush of time


outward to what is

the beauty

of the rise and fall of light

a great god

sitting breathing

staring deep into the world

light falling on their faces

whose untroubled mien

hints at secrets

not yet betrayed by life

the light stays longer now

it spreads

grows ripens sheds

its warmth

then is allayed

by some hidden intercessory

there is a swathe

a living space

opening in time

the buried seed

becomes a lotus

one cannot die

one may reject

a course of action

yet one will nevertheless

be forced to act

because of karma

the inevitable actions

of character formed

in a particular way

a saint cannot be stopped

once dead

dead inside his life

alive inside his death

this is the basic premise

his power held in check

until such time

men grow hungry for the truth

his blindness meets the sun

into his wounded mind

a sign flashes

his flesh screams out

the trial begins

the witness begs

to leave and the jury

will not answer to the judge

to try this man will bring

judgement and their end