magic trick


magic is the worst job

anyone can think of.

each time i catch the dove

sleeping in my hat

i think how impotent

i am, how really no one

gives a damn about illusion.

if you want to see

a magic trick

give me fifty bucks

and watch how fast

it disappears. 

not only that:

once down the hatch,

i'll let you marvel at the fact

your wallet’s gone-

as i am, shazaam!

by sleight of hand


via tamazepam

to the nearest gutter,

to offer you safe passage

from the footpath

to your cab.

i’ll give you a minute

to decide if you’d like

to help me with my act.

in exchange,

i offer my assistant

who comes with cape

and benefits; or else 

as i mentioned,

buy me a drink:

you and your friends

can sit rabbit-eared 

and listen

while i school you in defeat.