the pearl necklace

the pellucid morning light
strikes my skin of shining white
filling me with such rare pleasure
i feel myself a glinting treasure
i understand how beauty lives
the more receive, the more it gives
my mirror self withholds a power
has held my gaze for half an hour
asking what a girl in my position
knows about the art of kissing
i haven’t often contemplated
how my beauty might be rated
either i am quite alluring
or else seen as unassuming
to know for certain either way
i must relax in company
give out slowly to a man
as oil flows across a pan
try and not be too off put
by his fierce involving look
i must try and train my speech
until my voice sounds quite unique
it isn’t an annoying tone
it isn't deep like a trombone
nor is it a high whistle
i once was gangly as a thistle
these pearls, uncultured, were a gift
from a man my mother kissed
what a perfect precious sign
of my youthful paradigm
my resume though still quite brief
is long enough to guarantee
my rise into the office tree
in just five years i have ascended
to boardroom meetings in attendance
on businessmen of high import
the type who buy, who steal, who rort
as i sit and try to smile
it seems to me i stand on trial
when i speak to fill the void
i end up feeling paranoid
when no one dares to do the same
life then seems a vicious game
of hide and seek where each face
keeps its well-used hiding place
certainly a smart young mind like mine
senses it must bide its time.